Thank you so much for booking with me! To complete your booking please pay your full balance or retainer. Please see the following methods below:

How do I complete the booking process?

Payment for the service is due to start the process. Payment may be made either on PayPal or Venmo.

Please see which service you fall under below, if you are not booking a branding or website service please note that full payment will be due. 

  • If you booked a branding service - Full Payment is due to hold the service 

    • For The Logo Kit (A) full payment is $150

    • For The Mini Brand Kit (B) full payment is $175 

    • For The Brand Kit (C) full payment is $225

    • For The Wilde Brand Kit (D) full payment is $450

  • ​If you booked a website service - the retainer is due to hold the service

    • For Package A the retainer is $250

    • For Package B the retainer is $425

      • Retainers will be due to hold your booking and start your mock-up. (+ depending on add-ons)

      • To start on your physical website design the 50% mark balance will be due. 

      • To complete the transfer of ownership of your site 100% will be due

Please note for Paypal there is an additional 3.49% + 0.49 cents fee due to Paypal's service fees. 
Please let me know which method works best for you or if you need to use a different method of payment. Also, if an invoice or business receipt is required please let me know and I will be more than happy to send that over! 

Venmo: @shopwrenwilde
Paypal: Send me your Paypal email if you have not already!

What's next after I send over the payment? 

  • After you filled out your information on the booking portal and sent in your payment the next steps will include the following: 

    • An email with the design process will be sent

    • A questionnaire or items will be sent and is required to start the process

    • Please note that booking slots are first come first serve and there may be slots taken before your slot. Please check out the Instagram Highlights under "Book Now" @angela.wrenwilde on Instagram to see what is currently available. 

Is there any additional policies I need to know of? 

  • Prior to submitting the booking form the form did ask if you reviewed all policies and terms. Please feel free to look over the policies again here or please see the standard policies listed below. 

    • Due to the nature of the services all payments are non-refundable. Each service does come with one set of (5) complimentary revisions. That means upon receiving your project sample we are welcome to change it up to 5 times to just get it right! You are welcome to purchase additional sets at $7 per set. 

    • For all printed material once a proof has been approved changes cannot be made without a additional service fee. This means once you approved your (i.e. business cards) printing has begun and changes cannot be made. 

    • For all website templates or services - Once the final site has been sent to you additional updates or requests will require a additional fee. 

    • Additional items added to your branding, website or design packages will be an additional fee. 

    • If you decide to post-pone your branding services with no contact and no response to any emails or DMs from Wrenwilde, Wrenwilde does have the right to cancel your services. If you need extra time to look over and decide on your design please let Wrenwilde know immediately and please note that your project will now fall into another category as other clients have allotted time slots as well.