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Guide to branding


Is your branding not performing in the way you want? Let's talk about branding inconsistency and 3 signs your branding could be unprofessional? 

I hear this ALL the time - "I was ready to start my business so I threw together some things (a logo, social media, and some pictures I liked) and posted it." 

And I'm gonna be honest y'all - take your branding serious from day one! Your vision and your business is worth it. So, why not, invest from early on?! When you do not take your branding serious your ROI will suffer and the type of engagement you receive on your page will also suffer! 

1. No brand consistency!!

Branding consistency is EVERYTHING! A beautiful Instagram feed, website, and other social media/platforms or marketing material that you use must be within the same brand guidelines. 

Well, what are brand guidelines? 

These are guidelines you need to follow in order to have a successful brand.  This includes the logos you can use, your fonts that you should use on your website and social media and your color scheme that you should always keep within the same! Check out my below to learn more on what a brand guide is vs. a logo. 


2. Inconsistent Social Media 

Y'all social media is like a plant who needs A LOT of nurturing and attention in order to grow. And there are just so many businesses who try to rush or even cheat the growth process. 

Please y'all rule #1 DO NOT buy your Instagram Followers and Likes. If you have 10K followers and only 12 likes on your posts that shows me you have almost 0 engagement. This means that not only are people not looking at your posts it means that you are loosing time and money, And when you buy likes you mind as well throw your money straight into the trash because, faking engagement won't create engagement.  

3. Put your heart into your branding!

I once read a really simple but, amazing quote:

"People do not buy goods or services. They buy relations, stories and magic." - Seth Godin

When I think about it I wouldn't purchase not even the cheapest item from a boutique if I didn't feel any type of emotional or personal connection to the branding. You have to put your fairy dust and magic into your business's brand. What happens if you don't? Then you just turn into all the other shops that are doing the same thing. You the owner is what makes the business unique! Your voice, your heart and your passion is what people will notice. 

What does inconsistent branding look like?

Check out the example below and what are your thoughts on the two sample Instagram feeds? 

  • Unprofessional Photos 

  • Inconsistent Fonts and Colors 

  • Use of too many graphics 

  • No Brand Clarity 

  • Disjointed brand voice and personality